About Us

Trademold Resources Berhad is a company incorporated in Malaysia to carry on service-based business activities. These services include marketing Bumiputera food and beverage products, providing entrepreneurship career opportunities and providing systematic guidance and training.

Trademold Resources Berhad is committed to promoting business activities nationwide by welcoming the participation and support of government agencies, non-governmental organizations and professionals to assist in the development of entrepreneurship development programs.

Trademold Resources Berhad has provided the platform and took steps forward by developing an entrepreneurial infrastructure in support of creating a successful and competitive group of entrepreneurs.

Trademold Resources Berhad has provided an experienced and expertise management team to apply dynamic and up-to-date business management knowledge, skills and business ethics to enable participants or entrepreneurs to practice to achieve success and compete in the open market.


The goal of Trademold Resources Berhad is to create a successful and competitive first-class entrepreneurial group aimed at strengthening the business culture and empowering the socioeconomic as the core of wealth and the strength of future generations.


Empower the platform for the younger generation and the wider range of community to engage in the business world. Empwered the potentials and talents of entrepreneurship among the younger generation in business. Enhance knowledge and skills in business turning for the young people. Empower entrepreneurship education programs. Strengthening domestic market dominance. Develop new markets overseas especially Southeast Asia.