GEN2 Q10
February 4, 2020
Gen2 White Coffee
February 5, 2020



Benefit of GEN2 Coffee Classic (30gm x 24 sachet)

– help to lower blood pressure
– 100% Natural Material
– Helps to Improve Energy
– Helps Improve Body Intelligence
– Helps Reduce Blood Sugar Content
– Helps Enhance Blood Circulation
– Helps Lower Cholesterol in Blood
– Helps Strengthen the Heart

Ingredients of  Gen2 Coffee Classic
(100% Natural materials)

-Red Pomegranate
-Black Seeds
-The Following Is The Nenefit For Human Health
-Benefit Of Stobilanthes Crispa
-Reason Why You And Family Need To Get A Vergin Coconut Oil (VCO)
-Beetroot And Benefit


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