February 5, 2020

GEN2 Q10


Benefit of GEN2 Q10 (800gm/box)

-good for heart
-keeping your blood sugar low
-keeping your blood pressure normal
-improves digestion
-good for pregnancy
-preventing cancer skin
-preventing hair loss
-fight breast cancer
-improves memory
-loses weight
-treating hemorrhoids
-helps reduce the risk of heart attacks

Ingredients of  Gen2  Q10
(100% Natural materials)

-Red Pomegranate
-Black Seeds
-The Following Is The Nenefit For Human Health
-Benefit Of Stobilanthes Crispa
-Reason Why You And Family Need To Get A Vergin Coconut Oil (VCO)
-Beetroot And Benefit
Grape Seed

(200ml water for 3teaspoons)


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