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February 7, 2020
Purecenta Supersoap Collagen
February 10, 2020

Purecenta Natural Serum Reglow Revival


product manual
Purecenta essence rejuvenates youthful facial skin

service advantage:

1.) Maintain skin health
PURECENTA SERUM is rich in minerals and vitamins and is essential for maintaining healthy and fresh skin.

2.) Improve skin elasticity
PureCENTA SERUM is a great way to increase skin collagen levels.

3.) Eliminate eye aging lines
Vitamins A, C and E in serum PURECENTA can help improve skin texture.

4.) Pressure sores and acne
With its properties and the multivitamins contained in PURECENTA SERUM, it can eliminate acne on the skin. Helps reduce pores while clearing dead skin pores.

5.) Fade Black Fleet
Severe purity helps to remove dark spots on the skin.

6.) Antibacterial
PURECENTA SERUM contains a variety of nutrients and antibacterial properties to help eliminate acne and solve the problem that causes acne to swell on the skin. Serum PURECENTA also prevents bacteria from trying to penetrate the surface of acne, which speeds healing. The antibacterial properties found in PURECENTA SERUM can also solve the problem of swelling.

5 bottles x 10 m


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